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My life has become pre-occupied with two things, the start of the school year, and subsequently the high school football season, and wondering what I’m going to do if DirecTV drops Versus. Thus giving us….

directv VS logo_versus

Now, I’m not 100% sure what the major hang-up is, but the contract is up well, today, and basically Versus, now owned by Comcast wants DirecTV to pay more to broadcast VS. Of course DirecTV does not want to pay more for what they already get and supply to customers, and still benefit from the increased ratings of Versus and their increased hold on sports and bull riding.

Now, why should you care? Well obviously if you’re reading this you’re at least somewhat of a hockey fan, and as you know, Versus is the only channel to carry hockey during the entire regular season and playoffs. As a Blue Jackets fan and blogger, this is one instance where we should be happy to not be on national cable television very often, but it still is a slam on hockey fans from DirecTV.

Now I’ve already written a letter to DTV and received the same canned response they have here, which barely mentions the NHL or hockey at all. DTV goes on to suggest the NHL Network (see “jokes“) and Center Ice as viable options to fill the void. If DTV does indeed drop VS which appears imminent, the countdown begins to Dec. 1 when the CBJ will be on the road in Chicago featured on Versus that evening.

I’ve been a huge proponent of DirecTV and their huge HD selection and super easy online management of your account and all aspects of it, but missing two games of MY team on national TV is more important to me that being able to watch my fantasy football players one week. I can get absolutely everything else I want or need from Dish Network and Time Warner Cable while DTV just keeps spewing the same line.

I may be completely off base, but the NHL is that important to me and I, along with a slew of others, feel the same way.

Coming tomorrow…. Rookie camp approaches, Nikita talking KHL, and an Organ in Nationwide


Ready to roll

I cannot tell how any of you who read this blog feel, but I for one am ready for hockey to start. I used to be only about football, college at that, but obviously that has shifted to put the NHL in the forefront of my sports interests. Recently Fox Sports Ohio announced the broadcast schedule for the upcoming season. The 2008-09 season included 35 games broadcast in HD, less than half of the games during the regular season. In 2007-08 FSO broadcast a measly 24 games in HD. My hope is something over 50 HD games if not 60+.

While we will not know the FSO HD schedule for a few weeks, we do know that at least two games will be broadcast in HD. Versus has picked up the Dec. 1 game in Chicago and a home game with Detroit on Dec. 28.

Picture 2

While perusing the internets I came across a CBJ Blog that was new to me called Stingers On Ice. This adds to the seemingly quickly growing community of CBJ Bloggers, which I try to keep a roll of on the right-hand side of this site.

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Words cannot begin to describe the job the guys over at The Dispatch have done this summer leading up to the season. With previews of every team across the NHL along with a position-by-position review of the CBJ and breaking news during free agent frenzy, they have been unbeatable. If you don’t already check them out, please do so as they are the best in the biz.


Stunned: Defined

I don’t know how this picture made it past me back in April, but this picture speaks for itself:

Picture 1

We’re all familiar with Nash’s celebration after tying the Blackhawks late in the game that would eventually clinch the first playoff berth, but what’s new to me is on the left side of the picture… Probably the true definition of Stunned, for more “stunned” pics, check out The Pensblog for “The Art of The Stunned Pic

I’ll have a real update soon, but if you didn’t know today is Blue Jackets day on and they have some nice articles.

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