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38, and it’s getting late

The season edges closer by the minute although the thermometer would lead you to believe otherwise. The heat this week has been pretty darn crazy for this late in August, and soon to be September, but hockey season looms.

On with the countdown:

Trevor Frischmon appeared in 3 games with the Blue Jackets this past season after spending 4 seasons playing in the ‘Cuse. Frischmon was used as an emergency call-up, but will potentially see more time this season, probably in the same role, after signing a one-year contract extension.

Blake Bellefeuille had a very brief Blue Jackets stint, playing in 5 games: 2 during 2001-02, and 3 during 2002-03, and that was his NHL playing career. Since that time he was mired in the AHL and ECHL and hasn’t been heard from since the 2007-08 season.

Andrej Nedorost played 28 games in his NHL career, all with the Blue Jackets. As a Czechoslovakian, Nedorost spent time in European leagues prior to his 3 seasons in the Columbus system, and promptly returned to them after his time with the Jackets.

Jan Hrdina played 75 games with the Blue Jackets at the end of his 513 game NHL career that included stops in Pittsburgh, Phoenix, New Jersey, and finally Columbus. During the 2005-06 season with Columbus, Hrdina posted 10-23-33 in 75 games, not bad for someone at the end of their career.

Joakim Lindstrom was drafted by the Jackets during the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, 3 seasons later he made his debut with Columbus. After almost 3 seasons with Columbus, Lindstrom was traded to Anaheim and began bouncing around the NHL and AHL. This past season Lindstrom played in the KHL, with potentially his NHL career being finished.

Some very cool stuff from the Blue Jackets Twitter Account today:

Marc Methot paints the ice

Steve Mason painting his own crease, pretty sweet

Mike Commodore paints the ice

Gets me pretty excited to see some hockey

Go Jackets.


39 Feels Fine

In 46 career games with the Blue Jackets, Steven Goertzen never produced a single point for Columbus. Goertzen’s career has been relatively unsuccessful to this point as he has only posted 2-2-4 in 68 carer NHL games, spread over 4 seasons, combined with Columbus, Phoenix, and Carolina.

Goertzen was a 2002 draft pick of the Blue Jackets but was unable to make any impact for the Jackets, or even in the AHL, and hardly anything in the ECHL too. After a steadily improving junior career, I’m sure it was a disappointment both to the player, and scouts, that he was unable to continue his improvement beyond the junior ranks.

Originally a draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres, Mike Pandolfo was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a deal during the 2002 NHL Draft. Pandolfo appeared in 3 games with Columbus and posted 0 points. Pandolfo was last spotted in 2007-08 in the New Jersey Devils system.

Greg Moore appeared in 4 games with the Blue Jackets this past season after being acquired in a minor-league trade that sent the New York Islanders d-man Dylan Reese. Moore was nothing more than a spot filler for the Jackets as he was let go this off-season and signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.


Pass the 40

Earlier this summer Jared Boll re-upped with the Blue Jackets for 2 more seasons at a reasonable cap hit of $725,000. As I mentioned at the time of his re-signing, Boll’s contract can be a very favorable one if he returns to the style that he used so effectively his rookie year, but if he continues on his downward slide, the contract isn’t an albatross.

Fred Brathwaite has played goaltender with 4 different NHL teams over 9 seasons, and his final stint in the NHL came with Columbus during the 2003-04 season. This music video (NSFW) makes me wish he was still around:

Again, NSFW, Brathwaite appears 2:12 in

Bill Bowler played 9 games during the Inaugural season for the Columbus Blue Jackets, his only appearance in the NHL. There is soooo little information available about this guy, consider that upon Google-ing “Bill Bowler” the second result was an author, the ability to find information on him was fairly hampered.

Both Brad Moran and Duvie Westcott wore #40, but both were featured yesterday, go check it out if you want to learn more.

Jaroslav Balastik appeared in 76 games with the Blue Jackets during the 2005-06, and 06-07 seasons. Prior to his NHL debut, Balastik was drafted during the 2002 NHL Entry Draft and had spent 8 seasons in the Czech Extraliga. Balastik seems to be one of the prospects that just plain fizzled out. After the 2006-07 season began in Syracuse for him it seems he bolted for the Swedish Elite League, and since that season has spent 3 seasons back with the Czech Extraliga.



Days 42 and 41 of the countdown are marked with players from the past of the Jackets, save for one who may be, but is doubtful, to be a part of the future.

Mark Hartigan played parts of the 2003-04, 05-06, and 06-07 season in Columbus before a trade to the Anaheim Ducks where he played a miniscule part in their Stanley Cup run, but was still awarded a championship ring. After his time in Anaheim, Hartigan signed with the Red Wings, and again was a small part of a Stanley Cup run, and again took home a championship ring.

Vomit. (btw, yes, I know he’s wearing #24 here not #42)

The only thing that makes this picture postable is that I respect Michigan’s hockey program (it’s all they’ve got), and that the goal isn’t being scored against a real school.

Chad Kolarik was drafted in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft by the Phoenix Coyotes and never once saw time in the NHL with the Yotes. At the 2010 trade deadline Kolarik was swapped with the Jackets for eternal prospect Alexandre Picard. At the end of the 2009-10 season Kolarik was able to get his feet with the Jackets and appeared in 2 games.

Duvie Westcott, or “Captain Concussion” had a rough go of it in Columbus. Playing from the 2001-02 season through the 2007-08 season, only once did he show the scoring and point production desired of a mobile, “offensive” defenseman. After the 2007-08 season, Westcott’s contract was bought-out and he has since spent time in the KHL.

Kevyn Adams was part of the Inagural Blue Jacket team but was traded at the 2000-01 trade deadline as part of a package for Florida’s Ray Whitney.

Since the trade to the Panthers, Adams has also spent time with the Hurricanes, Coyotes and Blackhawks.

Brett Harkins was a short-term player for the Jackets during the 2001-2002 season, appearing in 25 games that season, his last in the NHL. Very little information is available about Harkin, but he was drafted in 1989 by the Islanders, and played for the Bruins, Panthers, and Jackets in his career.

Ben Simon spent one season with Columbus, 2005-06, appearing in 13 games and posting 0 points. Simon is a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, and attended the University of Notre Dame. After being drafted in 1997 by the Blackhawks, Simon didn’t appear in the NHL until he was traded to Atlanta, where he played in parts of 3 seasons. After a year in Europe, Simon wound up back in North America with time spent in the ECHL and AHL, and now a coaching stint awaits.

Matt Davidson was acquired from the Buffalo Sabres during the 2000 NHL Expansion Draft, in a trade that was supposed to stop the Jackets from drafting a goalie from the Sabres. If you look at that link, clearly you can see that the Jackets did indeed draft a goalie from the Buffalo system, acquiring goaltender Dwayne Roloson. Very odd indeed.

Davidson appeared in 56 games with Columbus during the 2000-01, 01-02, and 02-03 seasons. Davidson’s time with the Jackets was his only appearance in the NHL.

Brad Moran set significant records with the Syracuse Crunch while in the Blue Jackets system, but was only able to crack the Jackets lineup for a total of 5 games over two seasons. After his time in Columbus, Moran went to Europe before a return to the NHL and AHL, and then back to Europe. Interestingly enough Moran signed this summer with the Edmonton Oilers.

Adam Pineault was drafted during the 2004 NHL Entry Draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets. While spending 3 seasons with the Crunch, Pineault only appeared in 3 games with the Jackets, all during the 2007-08 season. After his time with the Jackets, Pineault spent a year with the Icehogs of the AHL before earning himself a contract this past season in the Czech Extraliga.


43, The Smell is in the Air

43 days and a touch of fall is in the air. High School football starts tomorrow across the great state of Ohio, college football next week, and not far off is the start of training camp.

On with today’s countdown members:

Tom Sestito was drafted in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Largely looked at as an enforcer of the future, Sestito has seen limited time in Columbus. Sestito will have a difficult time cracking the NHL this year with the huge amount of forwards trying to make an impact with the Blue Jackets.

David Ling seems like a guy who just loves to play hockey. He has played everywhere it seems. His time with the Jackets was very limited, playing in parts of the 2001-02, 02-03, and 03-04 season. Over those 3 seasons Ling played in 90 games with the Jackets and scored his 4 career NHL goals in that span.

Jan Caloun… looks like even the Blue Jackets don’t remember what this guy looks like. Caloun posted 3 assists in 11 career games with the Jackets.

An enigmatic prospect, Maksim Mayorov was drafted by Columbus in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Of course in only 7 games with the Jackets, it’s a very difficult read to figure out exactly what Mayorov is to become for the Jackets. The upcoming training camp and season will have a massive impact on his future with the Jackets.


44 Days, Git-some

Oh the jokes that have been told, and will continue to be told, thanks to 2010’s debut of Grant “Git-some” Clitsome. Clitsome was a bright spot in the final games of the season and will be around for at least one more year after he accepted his qualifying offer earlier this summer. While he will probably spend more time in Springfield this upcoming season, I’m relieved to know there is someone like him able to fill in, and NOT LOOK OUT OF PLACE, with the Jackets.

Rusty Klesla was written about more than 50 days ago, but in his first 4 seasons with Columbus, 44 was “Mr. Original’s” original number.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the big guy in action for the whole season.

Uhhhh Peter Sarno, who is this guy? Well, now that you’ve asked, Sarno signed with the Blue Jackets prior to the 2005 NHL season and appeared in a grand total of ONE game with the Blue Jackets. After the season he moved on to the Swedish Elite League and is now playing in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) for, get this, “Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg”….

Uhhhhh yeah

Aaron Johnson was previously mentioned as number 47, which he wore during 2004 and 2006, and then number 44 during 2007.

In a short time in Columbus Aaron Rome didn’t have the impact that was hoped for during the 07-08 or 08-09 seasons. Rome did however appear in one of the Jackets 4 playoff games in the spring of 2009.

After not being re-signed by the Jackets, Rome moved on to Vancouver and has played himself into a two-year contract with the Canucks, where his playing career continues today.

One of the Western Conference teams I despise most signed one of my favorite “short-term” Jackets… sorry Raffi, you are now the enemy. (Puck Daddy)

Why would I mention an Ohio State football blog on my Blue Jackets Blog? Well, at least the hardcore fans recognize the Jackets as “something to do” in Columbus while you visit our great city for an OSU game. (Eleven Warriors)

Here Come The Hawks has a brief look at some questions surrounding every team in the Central Division. All is not gloom and doom in CBJ land according to them. (Here Come the Hawks)

Big BIG news today in NHL-land. The 2010-2011 TV schedule has been released! Hooray! Puck-rakers has a look at what FSO will cover (75 games), no HD number has been announced yet.

Puck Daddy has the “Winners and Losers” of the upcoming TV schedule, I hope you like seeing Ovi! The Jackets are up from 2 Versus games in 09-10, to 3 Versus games in 10-11.

And Steve Lepore’s Puck the Media has an NHL Super Schedule with a look at every team’s appearance (or lack thereof) on both American and Canadian television.


45 The Shell-ster

Jody was a begrudging “add” to the Mount Puckmore of the CBJ but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy.

I have a ton of respect for a player that goes toe-to-toe with other teams bruisers night after night. He had to be doing something right after fans of his embraced him every single time he showed up in Columbus wearing a color other than Union Blue.

Jody is an undrafted player who has made it big in the NHL. He began his professional career (kinda) after being signed by Calgary in September 1998, but he never played an NHL game with the Flames.

In 2000, Shelley signed with the Blue Jackets and was only seen in one game during the inaugural season, but after that the rest is history. Shelley spent the next 5 1/2 seasons standing up for the team until his trade to the San Jose Sharks in 2008 where he spent the next 2 seasons until being traded to the New York Rangers in February of this year. This past summer Jody cashed-in and signed a 3 year contract worth $3.3 million with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Light the Lamp has the top 10 things that must happen for the Jackets to make the playoffs again. The only disagreement with the list is a minor one. Without goaltending, all the Rick Nash and Jake Voracek goals are nearly fruitless. Overall a great list of stuff.

As my phone was exploding in my pocket at school today, I thought someone died, or the Blue Jackets made a trade. Luckily/unfortunately neither was true, it was Porty announcing his return from vacation with a massive amount of tweeting. Of course there was a Puck-rakers update and a look at what players are back in town.

45 days boys and girls…

Go Jackets.

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