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Forward March

The 2013-14 Columbus Blue Jackets season came to an end just like that. 

No parades, not FANtastic finales, but leaving us the way the previous season did, the team simply ran out of road. 

Traveling nearly 200 miles round trip for every home game wears on a fan of a team that never quite can get over the hump… this will be the year, right? But as so many have now realized, this team captivated so many casual fans, and recaptured the souls of those who have drifted further and further away with each disappointing loss.

2008-09 felt like such a relief to earn the first playoff berth, 2013-14 felt that we have finally EARNED the playoff berth. Most of us will never know where the exact change in mentality came from, but there are so many people to be thankful to for the direction change.

Scott Howson – Without his moves, where is this team right now?

Todd Richards – Mr. “Steady As She Goes” seems cool as a cucumber in every situation and is the perfect fit for our young team. 

John Davidson – Sage advice at every turn for the new direction of this team.

The Players – Is there one guy who doesn’t pull his weight out there?

Down 4-0 tonight we began to reminisce over the season, talk about next, discuss summer plans, etc., but it was like the CBJ could hear us start that discussion and Fedor Tyutin rammed home a shorty to make it 4-1. The crowd roared a bit louder than expected.

“Do people really think they’re gonna come back from this?” I said to Tyler… He replied with a shrug. 

The story plays out as we all witnessed. The Jackets made the jaded fans of 209 who have been coming for 8+ years stand up, scream, chant, and cheer for the ole Union Blue. And they almost pulled it off.

I could not be more proud to be reunited with my team the way I was this season, like falling in love when you least expect it, the Jackets once again pulled me fully back into the fold. Friends from years past who’d seek me out once or twice a year to check-in on life and the usual “Jackets gonna make the playoffs this year?” questions have all returned. My students at school ask about the CBJ, coworkers, casual sports fans, non-sports fans, you name it. 

The Blue Jackets are center stage, now it’s up to them to keep it.


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