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Turning Point – JACKETS WIN

The monkey may finally be off the back of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Not only did they manage to gain their first victory in the 3rd jersey’s, that have gone 0-5 to this point, but they did it behind outstanding goaltending, and clutch scoring.

Maybe the scratches of Jake Voracek, Rusty Klesla, and Derek Dorsett motivated the right people, or maybe the guys who got into the line-up decided to make the most of it, either way, it was a winning combination last night.

It wasn’t always pretty, like the above pictured moment where Mikko Koivu put the Wild in-front of the Jackets 2-1 in the waning seconds of the 2nd period. The defensive coverage was spotty at times, but came through in a big way from time-to-time. The Jackets were credited with blocking 17 shots, and were perfect on the penalty kill, including a 5-minute boarding major on defenseman Mike Commodore.

I want to look back on last night’s game and be able to say that the 5-minute penalty kill turned the 2010-2011 season for the hometown team.

It was as if everyone in the building realized how important a successful kill, on a potential “score-buffet” major penalty, would be for the Blue Jackets. In the waning seconds the energy from the building built and built, and was released when Derick Brassard tied the game at one a piece. The fans were in the game, and didn’t let the previously mentioned Koivu goal deflate them too much. Neither did the team. Everyone was joined together celebrating goals like winning a playoff game, fans were attached and lived and died with every moment of the game.

During the 3rd period, Tom Sestito put the beat down on Brad Staubitz. Staubitz was a bit of a pest all night, but whatever, that’s his job. The fight was enough to create the energy for the Jackets to score two quick goals to roar past the Wild 3-2.

Give credit to the Minnesota Wild though, they too were on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, and found the energy to tie the game at 3-a-piece with barely 8 minutes remaining.

The overtime saw few chances for the Jackets, but all that matters is they didn’t give up a goal and survived to face Jose Theodore in the shootout.

Nash, Wilson, and Juice were all money in the shootout, and Steve Mason made the one save that was truly necessary.

Game, blouses.

I haven’t been this excited for a win it seems in forever. The Jackets have given fans too little to cheer for since December of 2009, and finally, just maybe there is a hint of life to this team. Whether losing so much lately made the win so much sweeter, or the fact that there is still time to get the wins flowing and make a playoff run had everyone who cheers for the Jackets amped-up.

Let’s see what happens Thursday and Friday…


Alternate Jersey Concept Surfaces


If you can get past the music accompanying this concept, it really isn’t too bad.

With this most recent concept we move away from the circular/oval patch that surrounds the entire main logo, which is good because it’s waaaaayyyyy overdone anyways.

New to this design from the previous concept we saw, is the incorporation of the stylized “Blue Jackets” seen here:

While a nice departure from previous designs, I don’t particularly care for the use of this on a hockey sweater.

The angled cannon is a nice touch as well as opposed to a straight-on view of the cannon from the side.

Color-wise we see a bit more red in this jersey than in any previous Blue Jackets game jersey. This could be a nice addition to the sweater, but with teams within the division that wear so much red already (Detroit and Chicago), I can’t see that happening in the final design.

This post isn’t complete without a thank you to Dannie for unearthing this concept and sharing with all of us. THANK YOU!

What say the readers? There are definite pluses and minuses in my mind. Share your thoughts in the comments.


3rd Jersey Concept

A quick late-night update about potential CBJ 3rd Jersey’s that are set to debut this season. I remember hearing November, anyone else remember?

Anyway, thanks to En4cer45 and the beauty of twitter I caught this link passed from the awesome website Icethetics.

These two concepts are featured on the website “Hockey Jersey Concepts“:

And the second concept:

Both are pretty cool designs. While the new jersey may end up looking nothing like either of these, it’s pretty neat to see some possibilities put into “print”. These designs belong to “Brian”, so if you end up reading this, cool stuff!

What does everybody think?

Personally, I like the “classic” look of the first concept. I’m not against the second concept, but it might be a little too visually active.

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