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77 Days!

Anson Carter’s time with the Blue Jackets was a brief stay. Number 77 signed with the CBJ at the beginning of the 2006 season and was shipped in February ’07 to the Carolina Hurricanes for a 5th round draft pick in 2008.

In his one season with the Jackets, Carter posted 10-17-27 in 54 games. The journeyman played for 8 NHL teams in his 11 seasons in the league, and never won a Stanley Cup.

Upon his trade from Columbus, the 2008 5th round draft pick turned into now-CBJ-prospect Tomas Kubalik who will be spending time with Springfield this season.

A very slow news-week for the Blue Jackets, but here’s a brief look at the goings-on:

Today Puck Daddy posted his top 5 most potentially painful NHL arbitration cases, naming Anton Stralman to that list. Not to re-hash the subject too much, but Howson and the Blue Jackets are in a difficult position with the looming arbitration. The pressure is on Howson to make the right move and I believe he will.

With the expected up-tempo style the Jackets are supposed to play under Arniel, the team cannot really afford to lose someone with the offensive talents of Stralman. But when Stralman is awarded a contract the CBJ balk at, he will become a free agent, and I seriously doubt any team would hire the defensive liability that is Anton Stralman. Then again, I’d rather have Anton on the defense than Marc Methot…

Traverse City Tournament dates have been posted and The Dark Blue Jacket has all the details.

Matt over at The Cannon has been hard at work, seemingly all the time, with lots of info for the upcoming season. The “Players to Watch” series has been very in-depth with individual looks and predictions for 6 different players so far. Most recently: Rostislav Klesla. Be sure to check it out.

Grant Clitsome has officially re-signed with the Blue Jackets. It was reported by The Dispatch a week ago, but just today officially announced by the Blue Jackets. Clitsome was a pleasant surprise at the tail-end of a lost season, but let’s face it. If Clitsome sees significant playing time in Columbus, it may be part of another lost season.

Finally, a “Thank You” to all readers of my blog. I don’t say thanks enough for doing so. And it only gets more exciting when in the middle of the summer, after such a crappy season for our team, my blog experiences the most traffic it ever has. It’s a simple thing, but it certainly is exciting to see something like that in the off-season.

77 Days!!!


Boll signs and Stralman Comparables

Maybe lightning will strike twice and the second Blue Jackets player planning on going to arbitration will sign the day I post about the comparable players and their respective salaries.

If you didn’t hear, today Jared Boll signed a 2-year contract extension (The Dispatch) with the Blue Jackets. The contract will pay an average of $725,000 ( each of the next two seasons (10-11 $700,000 11-12 $750,000).

To me this is a pretty fair contract especially if Boll can stay healthy the next two years. Since his rookie season he has not quite been the same player and being injured in this the common thread in each of the seasons since his rookie campaign.

I’m certain Howson & Co. were much closer to signing an agreed upon contract with Jared Boll and his agent than what is currently going on between Howson and Stralman’s camp.

Anton Stralman is currently 23 years old (soon to be 24) and at the end of his entry-level contract that paid an average of $731,667 per season. The final season of his contract is the only one in which Stralman did not spend time in the AHL after he was acquired at the beginning of the 09-10 season from Calgary for a 3rd round draft pick.

Here’s a look at Stralman’s stats and ranking in the NHL:

34 points was good for best point-producing-defensemen for the Blue Jackets, and put him at 7th best on the team overall. The big issue is not his production of points, but his tied-for-team-worst -17 on the season. Here’s a look at defensemen who’ve put up similar point totals and had a less than spectacular plus/minus.

Michael Del Zotto, New York Rangers, 20 years old. Del Zotto is entering the 2nd year of his 3-year entry level contract that pays him $1,087,500 per season.

Jack Johnson, Los Angeles Kings, 23 years old. Johnson is quickly evolving into one of the leagues best defensemen and is entering the final year of his contract paying him $1,425,000 per season.

Ed Jovanovski, Phoenix Coyotes, 34 years old. As a veteran player Jovanovski is making much more than a lower-level young veteran would and is entering the final year of a contract paying $6,500,000 per season.

Tom Gilbert, Edmonton Oilers, 27 years old. Gilbert is entering the 3rd year of a 6-year contract with an average cap hit of $4,000,000 per season.

Dennis Wideman, Boston Bruins/Florida Panthers, 27 years old. Entering the 3rd year of a 4-year contract Wideman will finish out his contract with the Panthers while making $3,937,500 per season.

Stephane Robidas, Dallas Stars, 33 years old. Recently signed to a 4-year contract extension with the Stars worth $3,300,000 per season.

Some of the players above are obviously not exactly what Stralman will be compared to, especially the veterans on long-term contracts, but it gives an idea how overpaid some guys can be, or underpaid for that matter.

I think Howson will end up “losing” this battle if he and Stralman do indeed make it to arbitration. Based on the point production, I definitely can see Stralman “winning” a contract in the neighborhood of $1.5-$2.2 million if it reaches the arby hearing.

To me, that’s a bit rich of a contract for a defensemen with questionable defensive abilities. If that’s the case I could see Howson letting Stralman walk-away and a trade made relatively quickly to replace the departure of important points from the blue-line.


Boll Comparables

Jared Boll ranked in the lower echelons of most statistical categories that matter to the fans and much more importantly the coaches and general manager.

Via, here are Jared Boll’s rankings on a couple major categories:

Now at the end of his 3-year entry-level contract, Boll’s contract was worth an average cap hit of $743,333 the past 3 years. Now 24 years old, Boll is no doubt looking for a little more job security.

Here’s a brief look at the players surrounding Boll with comparable Games Played, Goals, Assists, Total Points, Plus/Minus and PIM’s, as well as a look at the contracts those players have signed. I would expect these to be the players looked at when trying to find what Boll’s contributions are truly worth to the Blue Jackets.

Brian Boyle, New York Rangers, 25 years old. Boyle is signed to a 2-year contract worth $525,000

George Parros, Anaheim, 30 years old. Parros is known as a huge intimidator and is a star in his own right, something Boll wouldn’t necessarily match. Parros is in the midst of a 3-year contract worth $875,000

Rick Rypien, Vancouver, 26 years old. Rypien is in the midst of a 2-year contract worth $550,000

Tim Jackman, Calgary, 28 years old. Jackman recently signed a 2-year contract with the Flames worth $550,000

Tanner Glass, Vancouver, 26 years old. Glass just signed a 1-year contract with the Canucks worth $625,000

Frankly, I don’t see how Boll or his agent can justify arguing a salary increase when there are a slew of players who’ve played his role with far less money. If Boll or agent try to argue for the money Parros is making, Howson should surely laugh them out of the arbitration hearing.

On a side note, in my opinion Boll is a player that does not serve a purpose on this club. His scoring contribution isn’t necessary and when he goes to bat for another player he usually gets his ass kicked.

I would rather see a younger player get the chance to prove as more of an intimidating force for the Blue Jackets but it seems the fan girls do have a thing for Jared.

Lord help us if Howson gives Boll a raise.

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