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Wait, there was a game last night?

The Jackets lost to Edmonton?

Their playoff chances are next to nil?


9:00pm EST, Scotiabank Saddledome

Fox Sports Ohio, Standard Definition

Look people, we all said the season was over, multiple times, back in December and January, and frankly something had to give during this “feel-good” streak the Blue Jackets had put together.

Teams around them kept winning, and the Blue Jackets kept pace. Unfortunately the injuries and slumps didn’t hit the teams around the CBJ in the standings, it hit the Jackets directly on the forehead. The oft-injured Rusty Klesla, the disappointing season of Kristian Huselius, the streakiness of Antoine Vermette, the out-of-nowhere injury to Stralman (right as he picked up his play), and the most unfortunate of all, Derick Brassard’s hand/wrist injury. It shouldn’t have been the shock that it is that the Blue Jackets have all but officially slumped themselves out of it.

The odd thing? 13-5-1 still gives the Jackets a pretty fair chance at making it to the top 8…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see sweeping changes to the line-up and lines tonight, especially after this quote from Arniel last night:

So when asked about the play of goaltender Steve Mason, the Jackets coach lumped it into a whole bag of ugly.

“He was one of 20 guys (who) was awful tonight,” Arniel fumed.


I imagine it’s safe to bet that the only 3 guys he says showed up in his own mind were Umberger, Upshall, and either Dorsett or Garon. Kinda hard to disagree with him, too.

The Jackets still have time, but it is fleeting.

They must make the most of the energy of desperation tonight.

Go Jackets.



Again the Jackets are desperate to right the ship but at least it’s free food night for season ticket holders tonight…

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena


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There is some good news, this from Tom Reed of The Dispatch:

What’s more unacceptable than a game not being on local television? The NHL defending its own wrong calls… (h/t to The Dark Blue Jacket)

If Saturday’s game against Dallas doesn’t make your blood boil, just a little, then you probably aren’t a fan of the Blue Jackets or sports contests being won fair-and-square anyways.

The million dollar question is this: How will the team handle its current slide in conjunction with points practically being stolen right out from under them?

We can continue down this current path of a win here, a few losses there, an overtime loss there, heading for another draft lottery or the Jackets can turn it around when they desperately need to. Rob of “The Sentry” (one of the new CBJ blogs by my count) rams home the point that this really is a MASSIVE week for the Blue Jackets.

It will be very interesting to see how Mathieu Garon plays in his 2nd consecutive start tonight, and if he struggles, where do the Jackets go from here?

Aaron Portzline reports that Flames back-up goalie Henrik Karlsson will get the start tonight.

To me, this says: “Win or else” for the CBJ.

Go Jackets.



Looking to get going on the road, the Jackets need to be ready to set the tone tonight in Calgary.

9:00pm EST, Scotiabank Saddledome

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

A win tonight gets the Jackets back “above the line” in the Western Conference Playoff. Currently They sit in 11th place but are a mere two points behind 5th place Chicago. It’s really tight…

If you look at it this way: the Jackets should be expected to get points from teams below them in the standings, then they need to freaking win tonight and Thursday night.

Realistically though? Get 3 points on this trip and I’ll be happy, and so would most of us.

At this point, as silly as it sounds, I’d rather the team show some heart and desire in these games. If they’re going to lose, they sure as hell better go down swinging. Of course I’d rather they win and play smash-mouth hockey.

Go Jackets.



People who read this blog or follow the Jackets in general will think I’m crazy after this statement… This is ANOTHER must-win game. The Flames are a team that the Blue Jackets need to assert themselves on, especially at home, and that’s not even considering that the Flames have a goaltender making his NHL debut.

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio (High Definition)

After Wednesday’s (mostly) solid performance the Blue Jackets look to bring back the fans to Nationwide Arena. As previously mentioned, the organization has resigned itself to the cold hard facts; Winning is all that matters. And that reasoning is only compounded on a weekend when people have LOTS of options other than a losing hockey team.

To reaffirm the “must-win-ness” of a CBJ win tonight, the Flamers are coming off of a 4-2 loss last night in Detroit. Making the most of the teams playing on a back-to-back is a vital benchmark to achieve for the Jackets to find themselves in the post season.

Check out the line-ups here (via The Dispatch)

The line-juggling will be interesting if the 3rd line takes a step back with Dorsett instead of Moreau, who the Jackets will be without for 4-6 weeks due to a broken hand.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a change to the Voracek-Brassard-Filatov line if they continue to struggle through this weekends games.

Game previews:

The Dispatch – Keep an eye on Umberger as he goes toe-to-toe with Jarome Iginla tonight.

Yahoo! Sports – Jackets are looking for ways to improve – Which player (on either side) will step up and control this season series?

Finally, via Twitter and Puck Daddy, take a look at last night’s crowd in Phoenix:

If any media wants to come down on the CBJ for attendance issues, they have some other (much more) major issues in Phoenix to deal with before Columbus is their focus. To me this is far more unacceptable for the Coyotes (coming off a strong season and playoff berth) than the Blue Jackets. Where are the season ticket holders? Do they even have any season ticket holders? I really just can’t fathom this tiny of a crowd watching hockey… except for those OSU hockey games in the cavern they call the Schott.

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