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A huge Central Division battle looms this evening as the Jackets take on the Blackhawks in Chicago.

8:30pm EST, United Center

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

The Jackets look to keep earning points and creeping up the standings, but everyone ahead of them just keeps winning.

Add to that the injury to Derick Brassard (out 2-3 weeks at least) and you’ve got yourself a high-pressure situation.

Dispatch beat writer Aaron Portzline tweeted the expected lines just moments ago:





Kinda wish D-Mac would get a chance to stay higher in the line-up, but if things don’t click right away, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arniel make that move that was surprisingly effective during Wednesday’s loss to the Kings.

Glad to see Moreau finally get back in the line-up, and very anxious to see what, if anything, he can provide to this team.

Who to root for tonight:

CBJ over Blackhawks

Ducks over Wild

Sabres over Blues

Go Jackets.



The Blue Jackets look to start a run tonight, fresh off the All-Star break, and all they need to do is win 2 of every 3 games… doable but is it likely?

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

For the first time in half a decade I failed to make it to Nationwide Arena for a home game in January… alas I’m not in attendance again tonight, but job conflicts maybe are a blessing in disguise tonight, rather than drive through whatever weather befalls Columbus.

As I mentioned previously, the Jackets are needing to win at a clip of 2 of every 3 games. projects 94 points to be the cutoff, and the Jackets need to go 20-10-3 in the final 33 games.

I would love to see it happen, but am not going to get my hopes too high and be disappointed.

What’s more important, is the next 12 games that remain before the NHL Trade Deadline. If the Jackets can garner 15+ points they could be in the market to “buy”, but on the other hand if they gain 12 points of less, they should be in the “sell” mode.

A lot of things hinge on tonight’s game. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Go Jackets.



Off to the Windy City and the Jackets are searching for some answers and a bit of momentum into another big week for the boys in Union Blue.

7:00pm EST, United Center

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

After a severe calling out by Scott Arniel, the Jackets have no choice but to start showing up. Scott Howson’s hands are freed tonight at midnight and should the Jackets lose another ugly game, I would not be surprised to see a move made.

At this point SOMETHING has to happen… a healthy scratch of a top 6 forward plus the call-up of someone from Springfield would be a nice, minor-shake-up. Or maybe there’s a trade ready to be made, God only knows who is being shopped at this point, or who would be brought in for that matter.

The Blackhawks are without Patrick Kane tonight according to Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune. The Jackets will catch another break, in that starting goaltender Corey Crawford is ill and will not play tonight either… although Marian Hossa is back *gulp*

The Dispatch points out that Mathieu Garon is the “player to watch” tonight, and I couldn’t agree more. After 5 solid appearances/starts, Garon had a rough outing on Thursday night, but can hardly be blamed for all the goals the Jackets gave up that night.

Regardless of tonight’s performance by Garon, I believe that Mason get’s his first start in over a week, tomorrow night at home against the Wild… but time will tell.

Go Jackets.



After last night’s clunker (I’m detecting a pattern here) the Jackets try to redeem themselves in the home of the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

8:30pm EST, United Center

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

I haven’t watched the DVR version of last night’s loss to the Flames, and part of me thinks I shouldn’t, but will end up subjecting myself to the pain. From what I’ve been told, and understand, the Jackets were run out of the building in embarrassing fashion.

Not good.

This team must start to stand up for itself and maybe, just maybe, Scott Arniel’s comments about the players level of play will force some inspired play.

Regardless, we’ll have a new look tonight (via Aaron Portzline’s Twitter):

Filatov’s on the 4th line. Haha. Stop being a baby when you make a mistake.

It didn’t take the weekend series for Arniel to make the sweeping changes that I expected. I look forward to what Brassard and Voracek might be able to bring when setup with Nash tonight. How will Juice respond on the 3rd line?

Game starts soon. Time to wake up boys.

Go Jackets.


Home Opener Dud – JACKETS LOSE

Not the result you want to see on opening night.

I was able to watch the game on the ole DVR after my work obligations were complete (we won 21-14 by the way and are now 8-0 on the season)… and even though it was quite the disappointing game from the Blue Jackets, there is nothing quite like the home opener.

The disappointing thing about this game was that not only were the Blackhawks seriously undermanned, but the Jackets have had a TON of time off. Yeah yeah yeah, playing keeps you in a rhythm, but being well-rested should have been a much more obvious benefit to the Jackets.

I’m not going to sit here and dissect how each goal was or was not Steve Mason’s fault because frankly, he was hung out to dry most of the time. Look, we knew this was coming. With the system this coaching staff prefers, the likelihood of odd-man rushes against the Jackets wasn’t a matter of “if” but “how many” would be given up during the course of a game.

I think what majorly deflated the home-town team were the two hit posts during the first period, not only these two “shots” but lots of just missed passes and almost nice moves. The team look like they just weren’t synched up and completely focused.

A “burning question” (seems to be a catch-phrase as of late) from tonight’s game, where the heck are the agitators? Moreau, Dorsett, I’m talking about you guys. To me, the Jackets were not the same team that pushed and shoved the San Jose Sharks just a week ago. Against a divisional opponent, this isn’t an acceptable way to send a message

Another observation, this from the 3rd period, when the Jackets possessed the puck for about a minute on a delayed penalty, WHAT THE HECK are the 4th liners plus Antoine Vermette doing on the ice? Get ANYONE with some offensive skill out there.

Finally, to the AWESOME dude wearing an orange hunting shirt in 101, I hope you read this blog, because you are an idiot.



Finally it’s here, the home opener.

Hard to believe hockey returns to central Ohio tonight. It really seems like yesterday that we were celebrating a great season making snarky comments about the end of Hitchcock and Noel’s tenures in Columbus.

The Dispatch has been great this week with a lot of special articles focusing on the 10th anniversary of our beloved team in Union Blue.

As has been the case many times in the past for me, I won’t be attending tonight’s game (sad face) but will be watching the opener on DVR delay later tonight.

For those that care; the school I work for, Valley Local, is now 7-0 in football and tonight faces Portsmouth West in a battle of unbeaten teams. If you want to talk about trashy, classless fans, hooo-weee… let’s just say I will be lucky to make it through the night unscathed.

Back to hockey…

I really want to turn on my DVR later tonight and see a jacked crowd and team. It will be interesting to see how many fans tonight are there for the CBJ or there for the Blackhawks. Lord knows how teams that win championships and there bandwagons go.

The special teams, specifically the PK, must start to gel. I think before any drastic changes are made to how the Jackets kill penalties or to the personnel used, Arniel will give things a chance to start clicking and make minor tweaks. If the PK continues to struggle and leave Mason out to dry, it won’t be long before Nash and Vermette are back on the top-kill unit.

Line-up news for the night:

Umberger is IN, Boll is OUT

Patrick Kane is QUESTIONABLE

Niklas Hjalmarsson is SUSPENDED for this Chris-Pronger-esque move the other night:


CBJ Previews:

The Dispatch

Yahoo! Sports

Time to get this anniversary bash started right.

Go Jackets.

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