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With the possibility of playoffs this spring all but eliminated, the Jackets can still put on a show for their fans and spoil the Red Wangs’ St. Patrick’s Day.

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

With the recently improved, but not necessarily winning, play of the Jackets, one would have to believe they have a decent chance in tonight’s match-up.

The Wings are coming off or a win last night in Detroit over Washington. The Caps were winners of 9 straight, and now the Red Wings take over with a streak of their own, winning 3 straight.

The Jackets are somewhat known for getting thrashed around by legitimate cup contenders at this time of year. It’s hard to forget what happened against Detroit after the famous 8-2 CBJ win in Motown.

I want to take a second and apologize for the lack of posts in the past week. My teaching duties took over my life through last Friday, and that was immediately followed by a road trip to the CBJ-Carolina game, and then followed by the unfortunate and shocking death of my cat. Not to sound cliché, but it has been a rollercoaster of a week.

Now, get out there, enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, and beat Detroit!

Go Jackets.



The Jackets are playing in Detroit, why should anyone expect something other than the usual?

7:30pm EST, Joe Louis Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, Standard Definition

First off, how is a game against a division rival, on the road, broadcast to the home fans in standard definition?

I promise to never stop complaining about FS-Ohio. Until every game they broadcast is done so in High Def.

Back to the preview…

With the Jackets sitting 8 points out of 8th place this morning, the next two games become far more massive than originally believed.

The Jackets have just plain sucked against the Wings ever since the CBJ blitzed them 8-2 back in March of 2009. That was almost two years ago, and Detroit apparently hasn’t forgotten.

With the call-up of top defensive prospect John Moore, the Jackets will try to match the speed of the Red Wings, but will still fall far behind when it comes to experience.

Who will Moore go in for? It’s tough to imagine Methot, Clitsome, or Russell getting the scratch, nor would potential-trade-target, Jan Hejda. Leaving only Tyutin and Stralman as potential scratches.

In my opinion, Tyutin’s positives far out-weigh the negatives in his play, so the obvious answer to me is Anton Stralman… ye of near-arbitration fame.

The Jackets have to be ready for the Wings tonight who’ve made the playoffs since before I was born, and CBJ-fan-favorite, Johan Franzen, is coming off of a 5-goal game against the Senators on Wednesday.

Even with out Datsyuk and Holmstrom, the Wings are always dangerous. Will the energy of guys like Moore, Clitsome, and Calvert be enough to propel the Jackets onto the winning track and fighting to the final horn for the playoffs?

Go Jackets.



To put in perspective the domination of the Red Wings over the Blue Jackets, you have to go back to March 7, 2009 to uncover the last time the CBJ have emerged victorious from Joe Louis Arena.


5:00pm EST, Joe Louis Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

Going back even further, the last win before March of 2009’s victory in Detroit came on February 15, 2008. While playing in San Jose is typically referred to as the “house of horrors” for the Jackets, I think the Joe has surely earned the “House of Horrors East” nickname.

After Friday’s loss there are plenty of reasons to remain optimistic about what the Jackets have accomplished so far this season. Their record sits at 14-7-0, 28 points, good for 4th place in the Western Conference and 2nd in the Central Division.

While amassing this record, the Jackets have solidified their goaltending, shown versatility on defense and offense, and are improving in pretty much every facet of the game.

What’s troubling so far? The Power play and Nikita Filatov. Maybe there’s a connection there, I don’t have the answer. Arniel has a little more credibility with the young players than Hitchcock did, so I feel that while Arny has begun to call out Filatov, it shouldn’t have the same negative effect that it did from the previous coach.

Here’s to a keeping the road winning streak alive, and following up losses with wins. This will be a tough one.

Go Jackets.



It’s Friday, November 26 and the Blue Jackets face the Red Wings for at least two days of Western Conference and Central Division supremacy.

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

20 games in and the Columbus Blue Jackets are about to be locked in a dog fight with their perennial nemesis, the Detroit Red Wings.

The real question tonight is, how will the Jackets handle a game against a great team when the pressure is on? The game is sold out for all intents and purposes, the Red Wings are a DEEP team with loads of talent down the center, on the wings, and on the back-end, and the Jackets may or may not realize that they’re a pretty good team.

For the Jackets to continue to be successful, Arniel must keep pushing the right buttons, maybe the healthy scratch of Nikita Filatov will be a wake-up call for the young winger? The Jackets’ second line MUST get going if they have any hope of hanging with the wings and their depth. The likes of Dan Cleary, Johan Franzen, and everybody’s favorite Todd Bertuzzi have been huge so far this season, and can make life painful if they are ignored.

Expect a hard fought game, both on the ice and in the stands as the holiday weekend will surely allow many a turncoat Blue Jacket fan to travel into town with their Winged Wheel on their chest.

And of course… the on-ice debut of the newly released 3rd jersey is tonight.

Go Jackets.

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