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Slow and Steady

The news from Blue Jackets land continues to trickle out, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some Jackets-related news and links to share today, here we go.

As reported this morning by, the Blue Jackets have re-signed Tom Sestito.

Firstly and most pressing are the two recent Season Ticket Holder Meetings with General Manager Scott Howson, Team President Mike Priest, and Head Coach Scott Arniel. These meetings were held for two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday this week) and The Cannon and The View from 210 were able to give a re-cap on each evening. Here are a few snippets:

Howson also took some “questions” (ie: abuse) on not resigning some fan favorites like Jody ShelleyManny Malhotra, and Curtis Glencross, especially after answering a question about how the team is being built by explaining that they are (like most of the NHL) trying to use the Detroit model, and using veteran character players to help develop the younger players.

I’m incredibly happy for Jody and Manny. We didn’t “dump” Jody Shelley. We traded him to give him the opportunity to play for a winning team after he wasn’t getting ice time in Columbus….. Jody used it as a chance to unlock his potential…and I know it’s my goal, and his (Mike Priest)’s  that once Jody chooses to end his playing career, we can bring him back to the Blue Jackets and keep him as a big part of our organization.

In Manny’s case, he had a hard decision to make, and I’m really impressed – he went to San Jose, took a lot less money that we had originally offered him, and worked his (tail) off. He played very well and earned a very impressive contract from the Canucks.



Who in the wide world of sports considered Glencross a “fan favorite” besides his psycho-ex-girlfriend who still lives in Columbus for some stupid reason?

I appreciate Howson’s explanation of the Shelley and Malhotra situations. He’s completely right, Jody wasn’t going to play under Hitch, and he did whatever he could to help him be successful in his career.

When it comes to Malhotra I have a different feel. After he was offered a solid contract with Columbus early last summer and instead opted for huge pay-cut to play with the Sharks, he now ends up in a pretty big 3-year contract with the Canucks. Manny is what Adam Foote was, minus all the bravado surrounding his exit.

Fans with a soft spot for former Jackets: I can understand why you may feel the need to be nice to Shelley or Malhotra or Chimera, but face it, those guys were mostly a waste of space on the ice and never won anything that mattered with this team.

The Penguins can have a soft spot for Sergei Gonchar because he helped lead them to the Stanley Cup.

The Blackhawks can look at Dustin Byfuglien and Kris Versteeg with many positive memories.

Okay. I’ll stop ranting. More info from the meeting:

CBJ ticket sales are down – from an all time high of over 10,000 season ticket equivalents last year (1 full season ticket, 2 20 games, or 4 10 games) to about 7,300 this year. Priest said it’s “an area we’re under pressure, but we’re working on it.”

Not a surprise, but it sure isn’t good. As mentioned in the write-up and by the management, winning cures all.

Game Ops – This topic, on how much it sucked, was brought up. Priest totally agreed, and there will be noticeable differences in what we see this year… old items have been retired. They will be trying new things this year, and are looking for people to provide feedback after the games to let them know how they did. New music will be in store as well. (CBJ) are contractually obligated to play some of the pieces from their Corporate Sponsors, but they are looking into changing when those are played so that they don’t deflate the crowd during those rowdy moments.

Great to see that the Jackets are willing to change.

I suggest copying both Detroit and Chicago’s game-ops as a good place to start:

1. They’re loud

2. They’ve got great “situational music”

3. They’re loud

4. They play good music all around

5 They’re loud

John Moore started blogging for the Blue Jackets about his summer including development camp and conditioning. (Official Site)

The Pepsi Power Patrol wants you! Auditions for the 2010 crew are getting ready to get underway… pretty solid website for this. My suggestion? More “un-fake” girls. (Official Site)

A bit about the Blue Jackets Great Unknowns, Nikita Filatov and Ryan Johansen. (View from My Seats)

This year, two of the highest profile unknowns are property of the CBJ. Both Ryan Johansen and Nikita Filatov are two of the most highly thought of prospects NOT playing in the NHL. One of them started last year as a Calder Trophy candidate only to end up in Russia, while the other started last season as a mid-level unknown prospect. Fast-forward to today and you have two players who could hold the Blue Jackets short-term future in their exceptionally-skilled hands. If they both develop as GM Scott Howson hopes, Columbus will be one of the most potent young teams in the entire NHL. If their question marks start to overshadow their potential, then that potent NHL lineup could turn impotent faster than you can say, “It’s been 4 hours and I’m calling my doctor.”

A brief look at the potential boom/bust values of both Filatov and Johansen. How soon might we see either in a CBJ uniform in the NHL… or on their way out of the organization?

Solid write-up on Johansen and his expectations with the Blue Jackets. (The Province) (H/T to @LoriSchmidt)

ESPN is still making excuses for their shitty hockey coverage. ( (bottom of the page) and Puck Daddy)

If these two articles aren’t enough to make you seethe just a little bit, then I hope you didn’t spend much time watching the ESPY’s last night. Not familiar with the ESPY’s? Think self-serving, “everyone come see how good I look” on ESPN for 3 hours. If you thought “The Decision” was bad… God help the ESPY’s.

The good news? USA-Canada for the Gold Medal won “Best Game”

The bad? Crosby won best NHL athlete

The really bad? Jonathan Toews didn’t win crap (Gold Medal, Best Forward in the Olympics, Stanley Cup, and the Conn Smythe Trophy)


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