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Judas Foote! 52 days to go

I’ll just put it out there. I hate Adam Foote.

I never cared for him when he played for the Jackets, but what transpired on February 26, 2008 will be a significant part of Blue Jackets history as long as I’m around.

About the only thing I will give him credit for is his willingness to sign with Columbus out of the lockout. That’s it. His previous and current affiliation with the Avs will always taint my view of that team… even though watching Ray Bourque’s Stanley Cup win recently on the NHL Network did bring some tears to my eyes.

When Adam Foote left Columbus he left a void that forced young players to step into leadership roles and Rick Nash will be that leader for the forseeable future. Not to mention, but when Foote was shipped out the 1st round pick received brought in RJ Umberger… I think that trade worked out pretty well.

Cannonfest Wrap-up:

First off, I was pretty quiet on this event leading up to it because, frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. There was potential for just 8 or 9 people standing in a circle drinking beer and being hockey dorks. There was also potential for a huge turnout of Blue Jackets fans that are hockey dorks but don’t always show it.

What we got was a combination of the two, and I have to say, it was pretty darn awesome. I cannot say enough positive things about the people I met and conversed with that day. The approachability of Todd Sharrock, the hockey knowledge of the fans, and the passion of absolutely everyone in attendance. Kudos to the Grandview BW3’s and owner (and CBJ Blogger) Greg May for the great event hosting. Even more thanks to the Dark Blue Jacket (aka Tom) and Matt Wagner of The Cannon for all their promotion and organizing of such a cool get together.

I can’t forget to mention Skraut of HF Board and video-making fame. Go watch his new video “Requiem for a Season“. Just do it. Absolutely blown away by the time and effort he puts into this.

Skraut uses some great, and some sad clips from the past season and one of my favorite emotional movie soundtracks and remixes. The remix of the main theme from “Requiem for a Dream” does an amazing job to ram-home the passion and emotion behind any sports highlight reel.

My favorite use of it was this Troy Smith for Heisman video from 2006. Whether a Buckeye fan or not, about halfway through the video composer uses Skraut’s “Requiem for a Dream” remix and it’s just plain bad-ass.

If I thought writing this blog and making 3rd-grade level photoshops was challenging, well, I’ve got another thing coming.

Funny story when writing this post. I started writing while bored during today’s teacher in-service, and “The View From 210’s” blog about Cannonfest was blocked because the school’s filter told me it was “pornography”. uhhhhhh Unless the CBJ are porn my school’s filter is efffed up.

And not to be left out, here is The Green Seat View‘s post on the awesome-ness of Cannonfest.

Other CBJ news:

The Cannon has got your free agent invites for the Traverse City Prospect Tournament.

DBJ has started his intriguing “Time to Step Up” series for every player on the roster of the Blue Jackets.

That’s all for now. Adam Foote Sucks.

Go Jackets.


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