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Like the song says – JACKETS WIN

DAL 2 – CBJ 3 (SO)

It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it.

Like the song says, “There ain’t no way but the hard way”. Well, losing 5 straight games and two of them in stellar fashion, and then winning an ugly come-from-behind game is definitely the “hard way” to do things.

Tonight I wasn’t able to attend the game, so here is a special guest post from “Friend of the Blog” Dannie:

When Derek Dorsett told The Dispatch this morning he wasn’t interested in retribution for his concussion doled out by James Neal a year ago, he was instead creating offensive opportunities and kept the puck moving all night long.

The first period was dominated by the Blue Jackets, although the shots (7-5 for the home club) were much closer than the game play itself. Aside from four minutes where Jackets players were boxed for interference penalties, the Jackets controlled much of the play. All five of Dallas’ shots were on net, but Mathieu Garon was able to turn them aside. The Jackets scored at 5:26 of the first period when a rushing Kris Russell flipped a shot over goaltender Kari Lehtonen’s shoulder from the right circle. 1-0 Jackets.

(Editor’s note: Lehtonen seemingly forgot that he wasn’t the back-up tonight and barely even reacted as Russ took the shot)

In the second period, the ice was tilted the other direction. While the Jackets had ample opportunities to bury the puck, they weren’t able to connect passes or pop in rebounds left sitting on the doorstep. The fourth line came up with a few big unexpected chances, but were unable to bury them.

(Editor’s Note: Jared Boll, how the heck do you not bury that puck? Oh right, you’re Jared Boll)

Unfortunately, the Stars got on the board at 15:45 of the second period, when a shot by Brad Richards fluttered off the top of Garon’s glove and into the back of the net tying the game at 1-1 The Stars got a late second period opportunity when Methot was sent off for elbowing, but were unable to get anything flowing before the buzzer.

Through two periods, the shots were 15-10 Columbus, and the Jackets more than doubled up hits on Dallas.

The early minutes of the third period the Jackets team of late seemed to reappear in meltdown form, but a few solid plays by Moreau kept the play in Columbus’ favor. Derek Dorsett was hauled down on a break in front of the net, but the ensuing power play was unable to capitalize – yet again.

Steve Ott pulled the Stars ahead 2-1 at 7:52 on a bad defensive breakdown that saw Kris Russell too far out of position in his own defensive zone, allowing too many white jerseys to camp in front of Garon.

From there on, the Jackets were back on their heels, spending too much time with the puck on their stick instead of in motion; making too many passes and losing their ability to get a shot off.

With under two minutes to go, Dallas took a penalty that allowed the Jackets to pull Garon for a six on four advantage. After a runaround first minute of the power play, the 7 million dollar man Rick Nash potted a shot from the half wall and in.

Tie game, 2-2

The vocal 10,932 who braved the 5-degree wind chill to come to Nationwide erupted.

In overtime, the Jackets were able to move the puck in overtime and tagged Lehtonen with four shots (zero for Dallas), but the Finnish goaltender flashed the leather to turn them aside.

Tied after overtime… here comes everybody’s favorite… SHOOTOUT!

During the shootout, Rick Nash shot first, skating wide right before scoring on Lehtonen. James Neal was the first shooter for Dallas – missing to a chorus of boos. In the second round, Filatov missed while Brad Richards netted one for Dallas. Scott Arniel sent Kyle Wilson out third for his first career shootout attempt – and goal. Jamie Benn was unable to beat Garon and extend the shootout.

A HUGE thank you to Dannie for her contribution. Hopefully my minor edits don’t take away from her descriptive writing!

Boom. Roasted. Jackets win.

From what I watched on ye ole DVR, and Dannie’s description, the Jackets seemed to continue their inconsistent play, but enough bounces went their way so get two points tonight against Dallas.

Guess what, Detroit and Nashville lost tonight too!

Thanks again to Dannie.

Go Jackets.


Just the Preseason – JACKETS LOSE

WSH 6 – CBJ 2

(I’d like to take a second to introduce/welcome fellow CBJ die-hard Tyler to some “spot-starts” with The Jacketsblog. Tyler and I have been going to Jackets games together for 3 years, and I think you’ll all appreciate his hockey knowledge as much, if not more, than I do. When I can’t make a game, and there’s no way to watch later, Tyler is THE GUY)

What does one take out of the first preseason game for most the Blue Jackets regulars? Not too much really, but there were some good and bad things that stuck out a bit. (Note that this game became a laugher with about 10 minutes left in the game and I stopped paying attention to what was going on. This recap really only covers 5/6 of the game for that reason.)

The Good:

The “Kid Line” of Jake Voracek, Nikita Filatov, and Derick Brassard was humming all night long. This is the line that fans have been salivating over since it was introduced early in the ’09-’10 season. This line is the present and future of the Blue Jackets franchise. What stood out was the chemistry between the three young guns. There were passes zipping from one side of the ice to another. While only producing one goal on the night, the creativity and speed this line possesses is simply something that has been lacking on past teams.

Jake Voracek has mastered the Rick Nash style power move and displayed his skill early and often. At least three times, Jake decided to drive to the net with the puck and was nearly unstoppable. Jake could have had several goals tonight on that move alone if Varlamov wasn’t playing out of his mind.

There really isn’t a better way to say this: Ryan Johansen is beast. Johansen was throwing his weight around all night in the defensive zone and produced several scoring chances. Granted this wasn’t a top defensive line that he would see in a regular season game, but it was nice to see that maybe Johansen wasn’t as much of a stretch as we all thought in June.

The offense was clicking early on. Don’t let the final score fool you; the Jackets were the better team early on tonight. I know the Capitals aren’t exactly the pinnacle of a defensive hockey team, but the amount of space the Jackets had to operate in the offensive zone allowed for some fun moments. On one delayed penalty, the Jackets kept play alive for over a minute by executing a high cycle along the blue line and even firing off a few shots in the process. As mentioned earlier, Varlamov played an excellent game tonight and this game could easily have been flipped.

The Bad:

The defense was, for lack of a better word, bad at times. Several times, a player was left wide open in front of the net for an easy rebound. On one goal Hejda carried one of the Capitals into Mason as the puck was shot. At times it seemed some of the defenseman, including Tyutin and Moore, seemed a step slow. It’s to be seen if this was just indecision from learning a new system, the training camp grind, or something else but this cannot continue. This begs the question: Will GMSH make a move for a defenseman or wait for a few more games to decide?

Jared Boll…enough said. Seriously, he didn’t even TRY to drop the gloves tonight. Actually he played pretty well and had even a breakaway (missed, of couse). I just have to make fun of him.

I do have to give a shout out to the game ops crew tonight. There were a few new, small tweaks made that showed. The new goal horn doesn’t have the same resonance as the old one, but you sure know when a goal is scored (it may be louder than the cannon!).

So what does one take away from this game? Not too much. Look at the positives and build on them while fixing some of the defensive miscues. I will say this, the future looks bright and hopefully the future is now.

Carry the Flag and GO JACKETS!!!

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