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The Jackets have got a behemoth of a game ahead of them tonight as the take on the Los Angeles Kings.

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, Standard Definition

Sure am glad I’m going to the game… especially of this magnitude… can’t imagine having to watch in standard definition.

It sounds like Mr. I’m-Always-Sick is taking a seat on the bench to let Mathieu Garon get a deserved start, and lord only knows if Dr. Moreau will crack the lineup after coming off the IR this morning.

This game is massive… no other way to put it.

I really hope there’s a great crowd on hand for this game… the Jackets have proven they deserve our support.

If you need a reason to go, check out this article from The Other Paper.

Big games across the NHL tonight:

CBJ over Kings

Capitals over Ducks

Wild over Blackhawks (no OT)

Stars over Flames

Go Jackets.



Little reason to expect a different result for the CBJ tonight as they venture into the home of the Los Angeles Kings.

10:30pm EST, Staples Center

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

What’s that quote about insanity?

Doing the same thing, the same way, repeatedly… and expecting different results.

That’s what I feel about the Blue Jackets right now. I hope and pray that Scott Howson has a deal in place and is just waiting until tonight’s game is over for the move to be made.

I don’t like letting points slip away while there’s a trade that could improve the team waiting to happen, but it’s been pointed out to me, and we have all witnessed it, if the Jackets were to make a trade with a Canadian team, and US Customs got in the way, the CBJ could find themselves severely short-handed for an upcoming game.

Jeff Rimer tweeted that he will interview Scott Howson tonight during the 1st intermission… I’m sure he will ask some great questions… errr right.

The longer this slump continues, the worse things will get for the Jackets not only at the gate, but in the standings. According to, the projected cut-off point for the playoffs will sit around 94 or 95 points. To reach 95 points total, the Jackets must finish the final 41 games with a 24-13-4 record… winning nearly 2 out of every 3 games.

It was about this time last season when the daunting task of climbing back into the conference’s top 8 became apparent that it would not happen.

Tom Reed just posted this great piece calling for Howson to make the necessary (logical) moves and if he must, even remove pieces of the Blue Jackets young core.

Go read it, then, mentally prepare for tonight’s game and the further loss of sleep it could bring. You never know when a switch might flip inside one of these guys, and there certainly is no time like the present.

Go Jackets.



The CBJ begin their first trip to the left coast tonight in Los Angeles, where things don’t always go well for the good guys.

10:30pm EST, Staples Center

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

We’ve had 4 days since the lopsided home loss to the Colorado Avalanche to digest what could be a debacle waiting to happen in Los Angeles tonight. The numbers don’t lie, the Jackets were dominated thoroughly last season by the Kings, and the Kings are a team playing with a chip on their shoulder it seems.

Yes, they have an 8-0 record at home, and they have the leagues best PK. On the other hand, the Jackets have won 4 of 5 on the road, have the leagues worst PP, and have a tendency to be underestimated.

Last week the Jackets beat the best team in the Western Conference (the Blues at that time)… and going into tonight’s games, the Los Angeles Kings are the top team in the Western Conference.

Call it a hunch, call it a stupid guess, but I have a feeling Arniel’s Jackets will be looking to create another rivalry and keep following up losses with surprising/impressive wins tonight in the City of Angels.

Go Jackets.

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