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91 days…

In one of the craziest, whacked-out moves of the Doug Maclean era, Red Wing legend Sergei Fedorov came to Columbus in a trade that blows many minds to this day. The CBJ gave up both Tyler Wright and Francois Beauchemin to acquire Fedorov and Anaheim’s 5th round pick early in the 2005 season. The oddity of this transaction came when Todd Marchant refused to waive his NTC and was placed on waivers and claimed by Anaheim. The rest is history… Both Beauchemin and Marchant won the Stanley Cup soon after the trade, Tyler Wright ended his on-ice career, and the 5th round pick amounted to a prospect who never made it.

Fedorov spent almost 3 seasons with the Blue Jackets and was jettisoned at the 2008-2009 trade deadline for defensive prospect Teddy Ruth. Fedorov never meant much to me as a fan but I’m sure he made a few Red Wings fans feel uncomfortable in their skin.

Speaking of Tyler Wright…

Various Blue Jackets Bloggers suggested a great idea to get together and be merry during the “dog days” of summer. There will be reminders of this event as the day approaches. Sounds like every Blue Jackets blogger will be in attendance, maybe even me.

The Cannon picked up on this article yesterday from The Other Paper discussing the new relationship between The Ohio State University and their Athletic Department and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Here’s a brief snippet I found interesting:

“The whole motivation for doing this is I believe we can make a difference,” said Riggs. “It’s been fun working with (Blue Jackets president) Mike Priest and his crew (at Nationwide). Certainly, we want to keep the Blue Jackets here. Even before the partnership, there’s no advantage to us to not have the Blue Jackets. We’ve always rooted them for them to be successful.”

It’s refreshing to see that those involved with the “evil empire” of Central Ohio, as some may refer to it, realize the drastic importance of the Blue Jackets to Columbus and Franklin County’s economy.

If you didn’t catch Cleveland Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert’s open-letter to Cavalier fans… well, you need to read it here. Many will criticize him for being unprofessional and rude, but as a fan, I would love to see that considering the situation the City of Cleveland has been left in. I don’t know if I’d ever burn a jersey, but I don’t blame those who have gone ballistic after this whole LeGone mess.


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