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Nash Crosses the Scioto, Photoshop

Just a newly photoshopped banner that I thought everyone would get a kick out of.

I still need to work on the lighting effects in Photoshop but, hopefully we can appreciate the effort.

If you have a suggestion for a famous battle-related scene that would make a potentially cool banner, send an e-mail, tweet, or comment!


Stralman Bows to Howson

Seems like it took some pretty important people to convince Anton Stralman that a job in Columbus was better than being stuck on the free agent market, in the minors, or *gulp* Russia.

In case you didn’t hear, Anton Stralman re-signed with the Jackets this morning just prior to the beginning of his arbitration case. The Dispatch tells us the deal is for 1-year at $1.95 million.

A very fair deal when you consider what he could have made. Although at that time I thought over $1.5 million might be a bit too much, but now that I’ve let it settle and looked at the potential cost of losing Stralman to free agency, the deal signed today makes a lot of sense.

DBJ reminded me about the flexibility this contract gives Howson when it comes to re-signing players like Jake Voracek, Steve Mason, and Jan Hejda next summer. And to answer your question DBJ, as I understand it, Stralman will again be an RFA with Arbitration rights in the summer of 2011.

Puck Daddy points out the strategy Howson uses to get his way with Stralman (certainly a strategy that should be used more often)

For those scoring at home, Anton Stralman now makes more than both defensemen Kris Russell ($1.3mil) and Marc Methot ($1.01mil)… although, and is the 8th signed Blue Jackets defensemen who played in the NHL last season with the CBJ…. Not to mention the 10 defensemen who have contracts and have yet to play for the Jackets…

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