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Remember the Name – JACKETS WIN

Call him a late-bloomer, call him undersized, but don’t call him a minor-leaguer any more.

Derek Mackenzie showed tonight that his presence on the CBJ 4th line could be one of the more consistent things about this roster, especially coming from a player who not many expected to be here.

I’ll admit that when Puck-rakers kept discussing the “upcoming signing” of Derek Mackenzie, I wasn’t exactly excited to watch the probable signing of a depth player like him.

Boy were we ALL wrong. There were very few people who I think expected Mackenzie to have the start that he has had. I have to say he has been just plain impressive these first 5 games. Maybe it’s expecting nothing from the 4th line that makes D-Mac so impressive, but the hustle, speed, grit, and hard work that he has shown so far is a beacon of light for the franchise as it struggles to bring back the fans.

It seems to me that Rick Nash may have risen out of the initial lull he showed through the first few games of the season. As great as it is to see the 3rd and 4th liners putting up points, it was only a matter of time until either Rick woke up, or the bottom 6 stopped scoring and problems began. The timing of Nash’s goals tonight comes at a point where he will be needed to carry the load as Ethan Moreau will be out for some time with a broken hand.

Pretty disappointing for Moreau, as he had a great first few games, now we see who else, beyond Nash, steps up to fill the leadership and grit void undoubtedly left behind.

A couple other random thoughts:

  • I think it’s time to break up the second line, at least to get Voracek, Brass, and Filatov going. Somehow someway, those guys have got to contribute, and they were all far from impressive to me tonight. Maybe there’s something I’m missing with how defenses are playing them, but watching Voracek get knocked off the puck on multiple occasions is a bit troubling.
  • 9,802. Remember that number. The lowest attendance EVER at a home Blue Jackets game. Someone in the post-game presser worked it into a question of Coach Arniel, and very candidly, Arniel responded that (paraphrasing here) “Winning will take care of that”. Later during player interviews Marc Methot (I think) echoed the same thoughts. I’m glad to hear a candid approach to it honestly. Winning is the one thing missing from the 10 year’s of CBJ hockey, and everyone knows it. From front office to on-ice employees, winning needs to continue, and it will hopefully cure-all.

A great win over a team the Jackets NEEDED to beat, and did. Calgary comes to town Friday and the Jackets travel to Chicago on Saturday. Let’s see what the CBJ can do on a back-to-back if play continues to improve.


Home Opener Dud – JACKETS LOSE

Not the result you want to see on opening night.

I was able to watch the game on the ole DVR after my work obligations were complete (we won 21-14 by the way and are now 8-0 on the season)… and even though it was quite the disappointing game from the Blue Jackets, there is nothing quite like the home opener.

The disappointing thing about this game was that not only were the Blackhawks seriously undermanned, but the Jackets have had a TON of time off. Yeah yeah yeah, playing keeps you in a rhythm, but being well-rested should have been a much more obvious benefit to the Jackets.

I’m not going to sit here and dissect how each goal was or was not Steve Mason’s fault because frankly, he was hung out to dry most of the time. Look, we knew this was coming. With the system this coaching staff prefers, the likelihood of odd-man rushes against the Jackets wasn’t a matter of “if” but “how many” would be given up during the course of a game.

I think what majorly deflated the home-town team were the two hit posts during the first period, not only these two “shots” but lots of just missed passes and almost nice moves. The team look like they just weren’t synched up and completely focused.

A “burning question” (seems to be a catch-phrase as of late) from tonight’s game, where the heck are the agitators? Moreau, Dorsett, I’m talking about you guys. To me, the Jackets were not the same team that pushed and shoved the San Jose Sharks just a week ago. Against a divisional opponent, this isn’t an acceptable way to send a message

Another observation, this from the 3rd period, when the Jackets possessed the puck for about a minute on a delayed penalty, WHAT THE HECK are the 4th liners plus Antoine Vermette doing on the ice? Get ANYONE with some offensive skill out there.

Finally, to the AWESOME dude wearing an orange hunting shirt in 101, I hope you read this blog, because you are an idiot.

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