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In Western Canada is where Columbus Blue Jackets Seasons go to die… or find a way to survive.

10:00pm EST, Rogers Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

The 2010-2011 season hangs in the balance this week as the Jackets enter the always-tough 3-game swing through Western Canada. Vancouver has been a juggernaut so far this season in the NHL, earning a 39-15-9 (87 points) record, and first place in the Western Conference.

The Jackets meanwhile sit in 12th place and a record of 31-24-6 (68 points), 4 points out of tying for 8th place in the conference.

The big push has to start tonight as predicts a point cutoff of 96 for the 8th place team this season… or a record of 13-6-2 the rest of the season for the CBJ.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m kind of excited to have REASON to stay up late and watch our team fight and scrap for a playoff spot.

Not to mention, the newly acquired Blue Jackets will almost certainly make their debut tonight!

Exciting times.

Go Jackets.



The Jackets try to prove that Tuesday night’s victory wasn’t a fluke, but will have much stiffer competition tonight from the Vancouver Canucks.

7:00pm EST, Nationwide Arena

Fox Sports Ohio, High Definition

Last week, Ohio State product Ryan Kesler decimated the Blue Jackets in a dominating effort by the near-American-hero.

The Jackets will aim to not only shutdown the bizarro Sedin twins, but find a way to neutralize Kesler this time around.

It’s projected for Roberto Luongo’s backup, Cory Schneider, to get the start tonight against the Jackets, and once again, the Jackets have to find a way to get wins against back-up netminders.

In other news, here’s a little news story that everyone is flipping out over today:

When the Vancouver Canucks get to Columbus Thursday they’ll almost certainly find Mathieu Garon in goal, as he was in their game last week.

Normally that spot would be filled by Steve Mason, but right now this kid’s career is in a precarious position.

Unless he finds some confidence and restores his technique to the level it was in his rookie season, he could easily be the next one year-wonder, Andrew Raycroft-style.

If he gets it back, of course, he could still be the one guy with a chance to break many of Marty Brodeur’s records — shutouts, at least, if not Stanley Cups.


‘‘I still feel I’m not far off getting it back and putting together a number of really good seasons in this league,’’ Mason said Wednesday.

“I don’t know about catching Marty, those records are amazing, they speak for themselves. But basically a lot has been made of my last two games lately which weren’t good, and I don’t think that’s right.’’

In a way, perhaps he’s still in denial a little bit. For him to think he’s still going well when he’s losing his job to Garon is perhaps his ego getting the better of him.

And after that first successful year, it’s pretty clear a knife and a fork weren’t his friends as he put on a lot of weight, estimates of up to 30 pounds, in the summer of 2009.

As a result of this, last year was a disaster which essentially cost Ken Hitchcock and his staff their jobs.

But, again, Mason claims weight gain had nothing to do with his poor season, rather just a simple lack of confidence born of high expectations.

But even before that weight gain 16 months back, there were signs Mason was getting a little too full of himself.

When then-goaltending consultant Perry Elderbroom, of Parksville, was his mentor, he had a system which worked. But Mason never fully accepted it.

He was convinced his old hockey guru Dave Rook back in Kitchener and himself were solely responsible for that first season’s mountain of success — and Elderbroom was window dressing.

In fact, in discussions with Mason on Wednesday, not even Rook was a factor.

‘‘It was just me, with the help of a few calls back to Dave, playing on adrenalin and playing in the moment, and that’s what I have to get back to.’’

When Elderbroom was there in the first year there were a couple of less-than-harmonious meetings with Mason, and the then- goalie consultant told GM Scott Howson he’d better get a grip on this kid and that, for lots of different reasons, he was choosing not to return to the Jackets.

The club brought in Rook last season, but obviously things didn’t go well.

The weight was a problem with a goalie who plays as much as Mason tries to, no matter what he says.

When he came back in much better shape it was felt he’d resume the path of stardom.

He has some tremendous natural skills to go with his size, but so far it’s just not happening.

Elderbroom is watching from afar and feels badly because he didn’t return after that one good season and feels he could have helped last year.

‘‘I didn’t teach Steve to play goal, Dave did, but I think I taught him to play his best,’’ said Elderbroom. ‘‘I look at a goalie at any level, size up his strengths and then try to design a system I think will work best for him, and that’s what I did with Steve. But a lot has changed since then.’’

You’d think the Jackets would be keen to get Elderbroom back but his phone hasn’t been ringing. Mason is the reason why.

‘‘I didn’t really work with Perry,’’ he said flatly, which is odd given the guy was the goaltending consultant for the team during his successful season.

Where this ends up remains to be seen.


Yeah…. not sure what to say, except that none of what comes out of his mouth at this point is really a surprise.

Mason obviously has the talents to be an outstanding goaltender, but the mind is the worry. The ego that comes through there and through other media sources is a bit of a worry, it’s just finding the right buttons to push to get him seeing straight.

Can’t let this kind of thing get in the way of a gameday!

Go Jackets.



After a valiant effort on Monday night, what will the Jackets bring to the table tonight?

10:00pm EST, Rogers Arena

Not on FSO for some reason, but they did lift the NHL Center Ice Blackout, plus here are some places you can watch thanks to this site:


and Here

Tonight’s game will see the return of Kristian Huselius to the line-up. Huge, huge add to the roster.

No one knows who’s coming out of the line-up… odds are Wilson or Murray… my darkhorse candidate? Voracek, why you ask? He just hasn’t been that strong lately.

It will be interesting to see how former Jackets, Raffi Torres and Manny Malhotra, play tonight against their former team. For Manny it won’t be anything new, and for journeyman Torres it probably won’t be a big deal, but you never know.

Garon will get the start, as he well should. I’m willing to bet Mason gets the start tomorrow night unless Matty stands on his head tonight in Vancouver.

Keep the momentum from the third period on Monday and everything should be great… right?

Go Jackets.

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